The Solar Spoon



In MC2015, each student had to come up with a new product and then was given another students product to make an ad for. I was given the product “The Solar Spoon.” The spoon has the capability of harnessing and conserving the sun’s energy. That being said, the spoon is constantly heated so the spoon can heat up any liquid within three minutes. The intended audience and use for the Solar Spoon are people on a camping trip to make cooking easy and fire free. Each spoon costs $15 and can be purchased on

The background I found was perfect because I didn’t have to construct a complete camping scene via photoshop. I added the sun beams and the spoon in the man’s hand. I wanted to use long sunbeams going towards the spoon to indicate that the spoon is taking the energy from the sun. The spoon was a little trickier because I had to make the spoon look like it was in the man’s  hand. I used the lasso tool to crop out most of the white around the original spoon photo and erased the rest of the white with the eraser. I then placed the spoon into the background, rotated and sized it to place it correctly. After, I used the lasso tool again to crop out the middle of the spoon in order to create the effect of the man holding the spoon. I created the logo wanting to use images as letters in the word to fully represent the product. The body copy describes the spoon, where and how much to buy it for as well as starting with a lighthearted anecdote to catch the readers attention. I hope you enjoy!

Caroline Welker