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In MC2015, we just learned about web design and web usability. Our project was to pick a website and re-do the home page of the website. I chose to re-create Majoria Drugs Pharmacy’s home page. You can see the original here http://majoriadiscountdrugs.com/home. As a local mom and pop pharmacy, Majoria’s audience is mainly people aged 40+. I wanted to go for a simple, straightforward home page so that viewer usability is easy and efficient. Majoria’s has a commercial that runs on local stations in the New Orleans area, so I wanted to include that on the home page to allow viewers a first-hand look at the store.

I have an about, services, medicine, products and RX refill all in the nav section because these are the most important features of Majoria Drugs. Majoria’s theme color is green, which you would see if you visited the drug store. That is why I tried to tie in that color and feature the green in many places. I thought the idea of having the button for the RX refill be a pill would be creative to show off a key aspect of the work Majoria Drug’s does.

My dad is the store manager at Majoria Drugs, and he actually created the website and is looking to update it. That is where I come in!

Caroline Welker

Majoria Drugs Home Page 1


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