Bad Ad Redo


For class, we had to bring in examples of “bad ads.” We discussed the ads as a class and then had to pick one to re-design. This is my new design for the ad that I had chosen. On the original, there was hardly any information about what exactly SXSW was and the visuals were hard to see because of the color tones that were used. I learned that SXSW is an interactive, film and music conference and festival, which sounds pretty cool. I went with a techno look since the festival seems to have a modern, digital approach. I used Euphemia UCAS throughout the ad but used different types and sizes of the font to indicate what was the most important. I used the icon images to add a more relatable visual to associate with the words interactive, film and music. I think that this ad is more informative and clearer than the original ad.

Caroline Welker



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