Business Card


In my visual communication class, we were assigned the task of creating a business card. The banners of my card were inspired by a Gatsby-esque theme because I have always been fascinated with the art deco style of the ’20s. Creating the design was tedious at first. I started out creating each individual shape, multiplying them and attempting to place them all the same way. Once I figured out the “group” and “lock” features on InDesign, duplicating the banner was much simpler to align.

Before revisions, I had two different fonts for my name and information, and the text was centered in the middle. I switched my fonts to one but used two different font types and aligned the text to the right. Changing the font and alignment made my business card clean and concise.

Caroline Welker



About Me

Hello! My name is Caroline Welker, and I am currently a sophomore at LSU majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in Spanish. I grew up in New Orleans attending St. Dominic Elementary School and Mount Carmel Academy. I enjoy traveling, working and spending time with family and friends. If I could describe myself in one sentence, it would be, “Repost if buffalo chicken has had a positive impact on your life.” ….and I did indeed re-post. Otherwise, you can find me listening to The Revivalist and reading the news.