Buzzfeed – A Media Mecca


Buzzfeed has quickly gained popularity in the world for its wide variety of articles. I mean you could literally find anything on this website. From the weird/wacky such as “19 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Embroider” to the more important news stories going on in the world. Like many, I have to get my BuzzFeed fix daily which is available in a variety of ways since the company is widely involved with the net.

They have a website, an app, multiple Instagram accounts, multiple Twitter accounts, their own Snapchat stories section, and you can even get Buzzfeed news letters sent straight to your email inbox. Buzzfeed is intensely involved online so their content is definitely not shy of views. The company is doing a great job at getting their content out into the world.

Now, what I would suggest to them is to make their platforms more alike and common involving certain features specifically within their app and website. For example, I can bookmark stories on the app within my own account but not on the website. This feature should be available across both platforms.

Nonetheless, Buzzfeed is one of my most visited news outlet and is 100% worth the visit.


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