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In MC2015, we just learned about web design and web usability. Our project was to pick a website and re-do the home page of the website. I chose to re-create Majoria Drugs Pharmacy’s home page. You can see the original here http://majoriadiscountdrugs.com/home. As a local mom and pop pharmacy, Majoria’s audience is mainly people aged 40+. I wanted to go for a simple, straightforward home page so that viewer usability is easy and efficient. Majoria’s has a commercial that runs on local stations in the New Orleans area, so I wanted to include that on the home page to allow viewers a first-hand look at the store.

I have an about, services, medicine, products and RX refill all in the nav section because these are the most important features of Majoria Drugs. Majoria’s theme color is green, which you would see if you visited the drug store. That is why I tried to tie in that color and feature the green in many places. I thought the idea of having the button for the RX refill be a pill would be creative to show off a key aspect of the work Majoria Drug’s does.

My dad is the store manager at Majoria Drugs, and he actually created the website and is looking to update it. That is where I come in!

Caroline Welker

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The Solar Spoon



In MC2015, each student had to come up with a new product and then was given another students product to make an ad for. I was given the product “The Solar Spoon.” The spoon has the capability of harnessing and conserving the sun’s energy. That being said, the spoon is constantly heated so the spoon can heat up any liquid within three minutes. The intended audience and use for the Solar Spoon are people on a camping trip to make cooking easy and fire free. Each spoon costs $15 and can be purchased on Amazon.com.

The background I found was perfect because I didn’t have to construct a complete camping scene via photoshop. I added the sun beams and the spoon in the man’s hand. I wanted to use long sunbeams going towards the spoon to indicate that the spoon is taking the energy from the sun. The spoon was a little trickier because I had to make the spoon look like it was in the man’s  hand. I used the lasso tool to crop out most of the white around the original spoon photo and erased the rest of the white with the eraser. I then placed the spoon into the background, rotated and sized it to place it correctly. After, I used the lasso tool again to crop out the middle of the spoon in order to create the effect of the man holding the spoon. I created the logo wanting to use images as letters in the word to fully represent the product. The body copy describes the spoon, where and how much to buy it for as well as starting with a lighthearted anecdote to catch the readers attention. I hope you enjoy!

Caroline Welker


Photoshop Scene


My visual communication class started our chapter on Photoshop, and our assignment was to create a scene using stock images. My idea for my scene came to me as I listened to the song “Dancing in the Moonlight” by Toploader.I wanted to incorporate many styles of dance because each style represents a different era. I searched moonlight scenery in pexels.com for a stock image and found the background with the tree reflecting on the water. I thought that was a really cool concept and decided to do the same for the dancing silhouettes. I was able to utilize the eraser tool lasso tool, the magic wand, sizing tool, eyedropper tool, paintbrush tool and vertical flip tool to get the scene exactly how I wanted. I wanted to incorporate different styles of dance because each style is unique and comes with its own dress ensemble.

Caroline Welker



The adjective I chose to represent through typography was sleepy. I used the brush script MT font with a 299% horizontal scale. Scaling the word longer and putting it in script reminded me of being drowsy. I put the words in the shape of a Z since the Z has become the symbol of being sleeping. AKA “Catching Z’s.”

Caroline Welker


Bad Ad Redo


For class, we had to bring in examples of “bad ads.” We discussed the ads as a class and then had to pick one to re-design. This is my new design for the ad that I had chosen. On the original, there was hardly any information about what exactly SXSW was and the visuals were hard to see because of the color tones that were used. I learned that SXSW is an interactive, film and music conference and festival, which sounds pretty cool. I went with a techno look since the festival seems to have a modern, digital approach. I used Euphemia UCAS throughout the ad but used different types and sizes of the font to indicate what was the most important. I used the icon images to add a more relatable visual to associate with the words interactive, film and music. I think that this ad is more informative and clearer than the original ad.

Caroline Welker


Color Ad


I chose the color red for my color ad project. As I thought of the word red, a flavor came to mind landing me on the adjective spicy. (I also just had crawfish) The adjective spicy equivalates to peppers in the cooking world, which is why I used the peppers image. The word spicy is 80 pt. in apple chancery font. The cursive style of apple chancery reminded me of the flare that spice gives food.

Caroline Welker


Business Card


In my visual communication class, we were assigned the task of creating a business card. The banners of my card were inspired by a Gatsby-esque theme because I have always been fascinated with the art deco style of the ’20s. Creating the design was tedious at first. I started out creating each individual shape, multiplying them and attempting to place them all the same way. Once I figured out the “group” and “lock” features on InDesign, duplicating the banner was much simpler to align.

Before revisions, I had two different fonts for my name and information, and the text was centered in the middle. I switched my fonts to one but used two different font types and aligned the text to the right. Changing the font and alignment made my business card clean and concise.

Caroline Welker


About Me

Hello! My name is Caroline Welker, and I am currently a sophomore at LSU majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in Spanish. I grew up in New Orleans attending St. Dominic Elementary School and Mount Carmel Academy. I enjoy traveling, working and spending time with family and friends. If I could describe myself in one sentence, it would be, “Repost if buffalo chicken has had a positive impact on your life.” ….and I did indeed re-post. Otherwise, you can find me listening to The Revivalist and reading the news.

Buzzfeed – A Media Mecca


Buzzfeed has quickly gained popularity in the world for its wide variety of articles. I mean you could literally find anything on this website. From the weird/wacky such as “19 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Embroider” to the more important news stories going on in the world. Like many, I have to get my BuzzFeed fix daily which is available in a variety of ways since the company is widely involved with the net.

They have a website, an app, multiple Instagram accounts, multiple Twitter accounts, their own Snapchat stories section, and you can even get Buzzfeed news letters sent straight to your email inbox. Buzzfeed is intensely involved online so their content is definitely not shy of views. The company is doing a great job at getting their content out into the world.

Now, what I would suggest to them is to make their platforms more alike and common involving certain features specifically within their app and website. For example, I can bookmark stories on the app within my own account but not on the website. This feature should be available across both platforms.

Nonetheless, Buzzfeed is one of my most visited news outlet and is 100% worth the visit. http://www.buzzfeed.com/